What happens when a small tyre puncture goes unnoticed


Sometimes you're in your own zone on the road, rocking out to some old classics on the radio and breathing in the fresh air. It's the weekend, and you're in your element, and things are going to plan. Until you hear a nasty pop and your car seems to take a hiccup. It's the dreaded punctured tyre, and you're at a crossroads on what to do: do you continue to blast ACDC and drive through to the next freeway exit, or do you pull over immediately and get on the horn?


The importance of acting fast


Getting a puncture – whether small or large – can be a scary experience. But it’s how you respond to the situation immediately after that matters the most.



When your tyres take a hit, they lose a fair amount of pressure and can become completely flat. And we’ve all seen it before: that poor guy on the highway ‘limping’ his way through to the next mechanic in sight. Don’t be this guy; this is not the app[roparite way to handle a puncture.


Instead, pull over immediately. If you do experience a flat tyre, slow down the vehicle carefully and gradually and ease over to the side of the road. If you continue to drive on, you can cause internal damage to the structure of your tyre, and can even cause huge dramas to the handling and control of your vehicle overall. The result can be severe enough to cause injuries, or even worse, death.


Beyond this, driving on deflated tyres or those without enough air pressure can end up in you, causing damage beyond repair. Replacing your tyres when it's not necessary can be costly, so taking the right steps in the first place will save you pain in your hip-pocket.


Just because you have a flat tyre, it doesn’t mean you need a new one


Luckily, not all punctures mean you have to replace the entire thing. If you act appropriately and pull over when you feel a puncture has taken place, you decrease the likely hood of further damage. A mechanic may then be able to repair simple punctures with a tyre plug.


Note: You’ll need the advice of an expert – like ours – to assess whether you can legally patch your wheel or if a new one is in order. Never attempt to do this yourself.


Beyond tyres


A puncture may occur, and you're left busily panicking about your tyre and how to get back on the road. That's natural. But there's more you need to consider here. For starters, other components – like brakes, rotors, suspension parts, callipers and more – can all incur severe damage if you fail to take appropriate action.


This can then result in some hefty costs – something we know you’d rather avoid.


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