So Many Reasons Why You Should be Paying Extra for Better Quality Tyres


“Most people buy the highest quality television sets, only to watch the lowest quality television shows”

 –Jarod Kintz


When selecting a new car, many of us base our final decision, in part, on the quality of the car’s safety features. We’ll look up the ANCAP safety ratings and check the manufacturer’s safety record. But once we’ve bought the car, some of us can get a bit lax when it comes to replacing one of the most important safety features – the tyres. Don’t put so much consideration into buying a safe car and then plunk cheap tyres on it! Why not? Let’s take a look.


Quality Tyres = Road Safety

When you buy quality tyres, you are buying tyres that:

  1. are less likely to skid out on the road; and
  2. will help you brake faster

Quality tyre brands employ professional chemists to formulate tyre ingredients which offer drivers the best grip assurance in all weather and across all terrains. These top tier brands spend a lot of money researching the properties of different treads and on testing tyre capabilities. They simply wouldn’t go to the trouble if a cheap tyre delivered the same results.

Testing results from quality tyre brands consistently reveal better handling characteristics than that from many inferior or ‘cheap’ brands. At Treadworx, we stock a huge range of brands so if you’ve had great experience with a certain tyre brand we can supply it, or source it for you.


Quality Tyres Can Save You Money

The old saying you pay peanuts, you get monkeys applies to a lot of things in life, including tyres. Quality tyres are not only safer, it’s likely they’ll also last you much longer than a cheap and nasty set. Because quality tyres are painstakingly formulated for durability (as well as their gripping power) the treads will wear down more slowly, meaning you won’t have to replace your tyres as frequently.


As well as lasting longer, many quality tyre brands have been able to demonstrate that their tyres increase fuel efficiency (this is mostly achieved through producing tyres with reduced rolling resistance, in case you’re curious). Now while you might need to do a bit of maths to figure out your overall savings based on the fuel efficiency value of the tyres, it’s probably worth it. You really could save money in the long run, especially if fuel prices continue to stay high!


It’s Not Just Your Tyres

Your tyres can play a crucial role in helping you avoid a collision, but they obviously don’t act alone. The number of deaths annually in Australia as a result of vehicle accidents has been falling for the past ten years across all states, however, the number of injuries has been increasing. If you want to be as safe as you can on the road, along with investing in quality tyres, (and following the law) you can:

  • Avoid driving on Saturdays and during the mid afternoon
  • Ensure your car is well maintained and that components like brake pads and headlights are in good condition
  • If you have a choice, when sitting in the back; opt for the driver’s side back seat – statistically it’s a safer spot

For professional advice on quality tyres for your vehicle, contact Treadworx today.