What happens if you do not service your car when it is due


Getting your car serviced regularly is crucial to keep it in topnotch condition. Regular servicing will lower the likelihood of your car breaking down and expensive repairs. Also, in the event of an accident, your insurance company will not refuse to pay you out.


Read on to learn the risks of not servicing your car when it is due:


Oil sludge

Oil sludge can build up in your engine if you do not have your car serviced regularly. Oil sludge is like a thick gel that sticks to your car and blocks the oil passage, increases internal friction, and prevents oil flow.  Hence, it is vital to change the filters regularly and to remove any excess amount of oil in your vehicle’s engine. If your car is leaking oil, you should take immediate action.  Have the oil changed every 8,000 km.



If you are taking proper care of your tires, they can go long-distances without any hazards. However, sometimes your car tires might fail.


If you are not taking care of your car tires, they are likely to deflate over time. Neglecting the tires is risky because they can wear out and fail anytime. Underinflated tires tend to experience excessive sidewall flexing, which can be dangerous, especially in hot weather because the build-up of heat can lead to a blowout.



Lack of car maintenance can cause problems with your brakes and pose a potential danger to your life due to brake failure. 


The common reasons for brake failure are:

  • Increased moisture in brakes
  • Broken brake hose
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Leakage of brake fluid
  • Faulty parts

Wheel bearings failure arises due to lack of service due to which it becomes difficult or even impossible to drive. As a result, you will have to stop quickly in an emergency.


Reduced resale value 

If you are buying a used car, check its service history to make sure the vehicle you purchase has been serviced frequently. If you are trying to sell your car but have not carried out frequent servicing, there is some bad news for you because your car is not going to help you generate enough money. That is why you must service your vehicle frequently.


Protecting your family

Just imagine, what would happen if your car breaks down in the middle of a high-speed road? If you haven't had your vehicle serviced, your car can break down. Failure in the middle of the road can cause severe consequences, especially when steering or suspension is involved.


Shortened lifespan

If you keep servicing your car regularly, it can help increase its lifespan. However, if you don't service your vehicle regularly, it won't last much longer.