Driving to the Snow? Make Sure You Carry Out These Safety Checks on Your Tyres


There's nothing more exciting than a snow trip, and gearing up to hit the slopes for another season. In fact, 2019 has already proven to be a great period for the Australian ski fields, with Perisher extending its season until mid-October.

However, driving in snowy conditions carries unique risks. Whether you're whisking the family off on a skiing trip or taking a mountain drive closer to home, it's important to assess your vehicle's tyres and capabilities in icy conditions before you take off.


So, here are some key factors you need to consider to stay safe on the roads this white winter.

Snow Chains or Snow Tyres?


If you’re driving anywhere in a sedan within Kosciuszko National Park, you are required to have snow chains with you, which will provide better traction. This is compulsory between June and October and signs will tell you when they need to be fitted. However, if you have a 4WD, you are exempt from this rule. So, it's essential to consider whether your 4WD tyres have the right traction for this environment.


Full details of government requirements can be read here, as well as some other helpful tips for snow driving such as adding anti-freeze to your engine.

How’s Your Grip?


If you have an SUV or 4WD and spend a fair bit of time off the beaten track, you should invest in all-terrain tyres. These will take you across a variety of conditions – snow, mud, sand and gravel. However, snow driving can carry additional threats.


This is where a verified ‘snow' tyre goes beyond an all-terrain alternative, as it works to combat the risk of aquaplaning when driving through slushy conditions. Snow slush has a higher viscosity than water and can't flow through the tyre treads as quickly. Unique snow treads are designed to combat this.


Maxxis tyres are an internationally trusted brand which are made to be highly versatile across a diverse range of terrains and conditions. Their winter options are especially powerful, giving excellent braking and easy handling capabilities. There's also the bonus of great mileage (win!). Most importantly, they have fantastic traction on icy roads, which is indispensable when you are carrying your precious cargo!

Talk to the Tyre Experts


Driving on snowy or icy roads is something you need to take seriously. With other issues to consider – such as visibility – you need to be able to able to trust your wheels when you're on-the-go in these conditions.


To make sure you're equipping your vehicle with the best possible options, we encourage you to consult the experts at Treadworx. We are a team who have accumulated years of experience in the tyre industry and know the wintery ins and outs when they matter most. 


We'll also give your car a full check-up before you hit the road, making sure that your wheel alignment and suspension are in good nick.


Snow driving can be great fun – but it's even more fun when you know your car's tyres have the traction and technology required to keep your family safe.