Always Make Sure You Have a Spare Tyre Handy


An increasing number of people now have a car, and they know how to drive it. But do you know why one should always have a spare tyre handy? With a spare tyre in your trunk, you can save the time and inconvenience caused by a flat tyre. But there is a lot more. In this post, we learn more about why you should always make sure to have a spare tyre in your car.


What Is a Spare Tyre?

As the name suggest, a spare tyre is an extra tyre that you carry around in your car. Since no one can predict the time you can have a flat tyre, a spare tyre comes handy in case one of your tyres is punctured or damaged. There are several other name alternatives to spare wheel including stepney and spare wheel. Regardless of the name, the importance of a car’s spare tyre remains the same. But why is a spare tyre important? Let’s find out in the next section.


Why You Should Always Have a Spare Tyre Handy?

Spare types are invaluable in case of an emergency. With a spare tyre in your car, you can safely and conveniently get home or to a place of repair in case your car’s tyre breaks down, is punctured or gets damaged. Spare tyres prove useful and practical because they are a practical alternative to other more professional solutions to flat tyres such as sealants or inflator kits. If not used appropriately, these solutions may cause damage to your tyre. While spare tyres are slightly smaller than your car's original tires and are often slightly lighter in weight, they function just as fine.


Flat tyres are an inevitable reality of driving life, and the worst part is it happens when you are least expecting it. Most drivers experience flat tyres in the most unexpected situations, such as when driving on the highway. With so much debris from other cars and trucks, there is a high risk that you may experience a flat tyre on a highway. In such circumstances, a spare tyre and the right tools to replace your tyre can be incredibly handy. With a spare tyre, you don’t have to wait or spend money unnecessarily on car towing services that can take your car to an auto shop. Instead, you can save time, money, and inconvenience just by having a spare tyre in your car.


Tyres are not designed to last forever. The average life span of a tyre is between three to five years, depending upon your usage. Make sure you check your tires' condition before you embark on any journey, especially on a highway. Most importantly, always make sure you have a spare tyre handy and get your tyres checked at least once a month by a reliable tire store near you.